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One of the biggest reasons women aren’t getting ahead at work, according to a new survey



In the past five years, workplaces have had many conversations about harassment and equality, with the rise of the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. But as a result, has anything really changed for women?

That’s what the fifth annual “Women in the Workplace” study from consulting firm McKinsey and Company and the organization Lean In looks to understand. For the survey, the organizations analyzed more than 68,500 employees to make conclusions about the state of women in corporate America.

The study collected information from 329 different organizations, employing 13 million people, between May and August 2019.

This is what the study’s authors found.

Progress to close the leadership gap

Women are making progress in the C-suite, where the percentage of women has increased from 17% to 21% over the last five years. That increase may seem small, but it does show that many companies have added women to the C-suite: Today, 44% of companies have three or more women in their C-suite, up from 29% in 2015.

“The average top team has one, two or three women now,” says Lareina Yee, a senior partner at McKinsey, who is the company’s chief diversity and inclusion officer. “Even though that is not a full step to gender equality, we think it’s really important because when you have women at the most important decision-making table weighing in, that matters for companies.”

Yee says this small increase in representation at the top can also have ripple effects.

“When you think about the women in the organization, someone who’s a first manager or a V.P., she can look up at the top and see role models, and women doing it. She’ll have more confidence that she can as well.”

Another sign that progress could continue to close the gap: Women are still asking for promotions and negotiating salaries at the same rate as men, which has been the case for the past five years.

And not only are more companies offering paternity leave, as opposed to just maternity leave for women, but more men are also taking that time off. In 2019, the report found, men were roughly as likely as women to take leave when they became a new parent

“That is a step in the right direction because you actually want all of your employees to be able to take time for families,” Yee says.

Persistent problems with the gender gap

Despite those signs of progress, there is more to do to make sure all women are well-represented in the corporate world, the report found.

Women of color are underrepresented at every level of business. And while one in five C-suite executives is a woman, only one in 25 is a woman of color.

“As a woman of color in business, it’s more personal,” says Yee. “There’s a huge disparity that starts very early … Women get stuck before they can even get through that very first promotion.”

McKinsey and Lean In evaluated first promotions, and found that for every 100 men getting their first promotion, just 72 women are promoted. And the numbers are much smaller for women are color, with 68 Latinas and 58 Black women promoted at that level.

“You can look at every level of a company and you’ll see a huge disparity for women of color,” says Yee.

The ‘broken rung’ problem

Many of these struggles create what McKinsey and Lean In call “the broken rung” — or the fact that women miss that first step up to manager.

The report says that based on five years of pipeline data from hundreds of companies, this “broken rung” is the biggest systemic barrier to gender parity.

An even bigger problem: The survey finds that few companies are aware of this broken rung, with human-resources leaders pointing to less access to sponsorship or a lack of women throughout the pipeline instead.

And many aren’t aware of a problem at all: 62% of men and 54% of women say they think women are well represented at the manager level, when one in three managers in their company is a woman.

If this “broken rung” is fixed, and women are promoted and hired to first-level manager at the same rates as men, the McKinsey and LeanIn survey says, 1 million women will be added to management in corporate America over the next five years.

Backlash for women

There is also the issue of backlash to the Me Too and Time’s Up movements, which have resulted in the ousting of a number of high-profile men following revelations of misconduct.

“I don’t think you need research to say that there’s some backlash,” says Yee.

But the movements have sparked needed conversations about sexual harassment, women of color at work and microaggressions in the workplace, she says.

“If that’s a hard discussion, let’s have that discussion. We have to have a more transparent and open workplace where we can talk about that. And I think it would be surprising if there weren’t men who are finding that an uncomfortable discussion.”


The best evidence in the McKinsey and Lean In survey that there will be more progress to closing gender gaps: More companies say they’re committed to closing gender gaps, and they’re holding their managers accountable.

The study suggests companies can make efforts toward equality and fixing the “broken rung” problem in their hiring processes, including putting evaluators through unconscious bias training.

The survey finds companies are actually less likely to provide unconscious bias training for employees who participate in entry-level performance reviews, rather than senior-level reviews. And that’s despite the fact that limiting bias at that an earlier stage has so many ripple effects.

Other solutions for companies include establishing clear evaluation criteria for hiring and promotion and requiring diverse slates for hiring and promotion. Another recommendation: put more women in line for the step-up to manager, offering leadership training and sponsorship.

The current statistics show plenty of room for progress: Company commitment to gender diversity has risen from 56% in 2012 to 87% this year. But only 52% of companies provide unconscious bias training to address diversity. And just 55% of companies hold senior leaders accountable for progress on diversity metrics.

There’s also the more amorphous challenge of fixing corporate culture: Just 32% of women and 50% of men surveyed say they believe disrespectful behavior toward women is often quickly addressed by their company. And 73% of women report experiencing everyday discrimination.

“Companies can’t necessarily just rest on their laurels and assume that their policies are the most advanced or are really working for women,” says Yee.

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Bolivia’s Spirits to call crisp political race after OAS review




Bolivia’s Leader Evo Spirits has said he will call another political decision after worldwide screens scrutinized the consequence of a month ago’s race.

Talking at a news gathering, the long-standing pioneer additionally promised to supplant individuals from the nation’s political decision board.

The Association of American States (OAS), which observed the races, required the outcome to be abrogated.

Mr Spirits’ declaration comes following quite a while of against government fights.

The president, who was first chosen in 2006, denies any bad behavior and has disregarded calls to leave.

He told journalists that he settled on the choice “to safeguard the new Bolivia, life and vote based system”.

What did the OAS state?

In its primer report on Saturday, the OAS said it had discovered “clear controls” of Bolivia’s democratic framework and it couldn’t confirm the aftereffect of the 20 October race.

The worldwide body finished up it was improbable that Mr Spirits had won by the 10% edge required for a triumph in the first round.

The controls to the PC framework are of such greatness that they should be profoundly researched by the Bolivian State to get to the base of and allocate duty in this genuine case,” it said.

Why has there been resistance to the political race result?

Bolivia has been shaken by fights, strikes and barriers since the evening of the political race.

At any rate three individuals have passed on during conflicts. The city hall leader of a community was additionally assaulted by dissidents recently, who hauled her through the roads shoeless, shrouded her in red paint and coercively trim her hair.

Strains initially flared after the outcomes tally was mysteriously delayed for 24 hours. The conclusive outcome gave Mr Spirits somewhat more than the 10% lead he expected to win by and large in the first round.

On Saturday, in a critical acceleration to the fights, various formally dressed cops joined hordes of demonstrators in a few significant urban areas.

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Emergency of certainty’: John Roberts’ prosecution job prompts recusal thunderings




In a prosecution preliminary in the Senate, President Trump would admire see one of his Washington foundation adversaries, Incomparable Court Boss Equity John G. Roberts Jr., managing the notable procedures from the dais in the upper chamber.

Mr. Trump, who has conflicted with Boss Equity Roberts over the apparent political predisposition of the government courts, would need to depend on him for a reasonable hearing when the destiny of his administration remains in a critical state.

It’s a possibility that has caused thunderings in Washington that the main equity ought to recuse himself.

John Cardillo, a traditionalist radio character and host on Newsmax television, sounded the recusal alert.

“There is as of now an emergency of certainty among the American individuals that we have a reasonable arrangement of equity. At the point when you have a central equity of the Incomparable Court obviously making remarks that are disdainful to the leader of the US, remove all theory from the procedure,” he said.

Additionally, the recusal question stretches out down the seat of the high court. The majority of the judges likely will assume a job in choosing Congress’ subpoenas control over the official branch as House Democrats direct a reprimand request.

Boss Equity Roberts and Equity Ruth Bader Ginsburg have openly remarked on Mr. Trump as of late, including Equity Ginsburg going similarly as considering him a “faker” and the central equity sending a sharp reprimand to the president over the political freedom of the legal executive.

The issue of potential predisposition comes about a year after Equity Roberts discharged a strange explanation, in a roundabout way terminating back at the president over his politicization of judges dependent on the president who selected them.

“We don’t have Obama judges or Trump judges, Shrub judges or Clinton judges,” Equity Roberts said in an announcement in November 2018 gave from the court’s open data office.

“What we have is an unprecedented gathering of committed judges doing their level best to do approach right to those showing up before them,” he included.

The uncommon censure of the president came after Mr. Trump was basic about a decision given from a region judge in California against his organization.

“Sorry Boss Equity John Roberts, yet you do for sure have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a vastly different perspective than the individuals who are accused of the wellbeing of our nation,” the president terminated back on Twitter.

Equity Roberts’ protectors demand that the eyebrow-raising explanation doesn’t show an irreconcilable situation or if nothing else not one critical enough to expect him to move to one side from managing Mr. Trump’s prosecution preliminary.

“Roberts’ remarks were about as even-keeled as they get,” said Josh Blackman, an educator at South Texas School of Law, including a reprimand preliminary, “The main equity’s job is genuinely constrained.”

Imprint Graber, a sacred law teacher at the College of Maryland, went above and beyond.

“There is no one on the court who should be recused,” he said.

All things considered, the judges likely will assume a basic job in the subpoena battle about which organization records and declaration House Democrats get their hands on.

Without straightforwardly saying something regarding the issue of reprimand and Congress’ subpoena control, a government court a week ago decided that Mr. Trump’s bookkeeping firm needed to turn over expense records to House Democrats in one of their numerous tests into Mr. Trump and his budgetary dealings.

The case including the budgetary archives could test the president’s official position to foil the congressional subpoenas.

Ilya Shapiro, who distributes the Cato Foundation’s “Incomparable Court Survey,” said a crisis appeal to end a lower court choice in the indictment request likely would be documented with the judges later on.

Provided that this is true, the discussion over recusals may be raised against Equity Ginsburg, whose remarks during the 2016 battle about then-competitor Donald Trump likely went too far of what is allowed by an equity.

Equity Ginsburg has apologized for calling Mr. Trump a “faker.”

“He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head right now. He truly has a sense of self,” she told CNN in 2016. “How has he pulled off not turning over his government forms? The press is by all accounts delicate with him on that.”

Accordingly, Mr. Trump required the senior equity’s abdication.

Mr. Graber, however, said the liberal symbol’s comments about the 2016 crusade have been worked out and she has said something regarding a few lawful difficulties including the organization during the president’s initial three years in office.

Judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh “are Trump representatives — no one is looking at recusing them, and in light of current circumstances,” Mr. Graber said.

Mr. Shaprio said Equity Roberts’ job in the prosecution continuing would be increasingly similar to a “traffic cop than preliminary judge,” and he straight rejected any inquiries over Equity Ginsburg’s supposed inclination.

“Her remarks not the slightest bit prejudged the lawful issues in question,” he said.

In the event that Equity Roberts decided not to direct a Senate prosecution preliminary, the most senior equity, Equity Clarence Thomas, would then advance in, Mr. Blackman said.

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President Trump: ISIS pioneer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead




President Donald Trump proclaimed Sunday morning that ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was dead after a US military assault in northwest Syria throughout the end of the week.

“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead,” Trump said at the White House, calling the ISIS chief’s expulsion “the top national security need of my organization.”

The President said a US extraordinary tasks powers strategic after the ISIS chief and there were no US passings during the activity.

A few ISIS warriors and sidekicks of Baghdadi were slaughtered, including two ladies wearing suicide vests and three youngsters. Trump would not give a particular number of losses, just portraying those focused on scene as “more dead than alive.” Eleven kids were moved out of the house and are healthy, the President said.

The demise of Baghdadi marks the climax of a years-in length chase to discover one of the most needed fear based oppressors on the planet and the man who pronounced an alleged Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria in 2014. Be that as it may, it additionally comes as the US military is pulling back in Syria, a move investigators caution could consider an ISIS resurgence.

Be that as it may, Trump demanded Baghdadi’s death had nothing to do with the US’s ongoing choice to haul out of northern Syria. “No, the pullout had nothing to do with this. Truth be told we discovered this out at a fundamentally the same as time,” Trump said. “No, we’re after these pioneers, and we have others in site.”

Trump said Baghdadi was pursued as far as possible of an impasse burrow by hounds,

carrying three kids with him. Toward the finish of the passage, he exploded a suicide vest, slaughtering himself and the youngsters with him.

‘He passed on like a weakling’

The President said “prompt” and “absolutely positive” test results demonstrated it was Baghdadi, saying a lab professional on the location of the attack affirmed the ISIS chief’s demise.

“He kicked the bucket like a pooch. He kicked the bucket like a quitter. The world is currently an a lot more secure spot,” Trump said.

Trump portrayed the circumstance, saying the ISIS head “spent his last minutes in absolute dread, in all out frenzy and fear, panicked of the American powers weighing down on him.”

The President said US powers got “profoundly delicate material and data from the assault, much having to do with ISIS — sources, feasible arrangements, things that we especially need.”

Trump told correspondents Baghdadi was under reconnaissance for a long time and that a few arranged missions were rejected before the fruitful one was propelled.

The US flew over certain Russian airspace during the mission, he said.

The President said he viewed the activity from the White House Circumstance Room starting at 5 p.m. The mission, he stated, started presently and continued for around two hours. He was joined by VP Mike Pence, National Security Counselor Robert O’Brien, Secretary of Resistance Imprint Esper, Director of the Joint Head of Staff U.S. Armed force General Imprint A. Milley, and Brig. Gen. Marcus Evans, Representative Chief for Uncommon Tasks, as indicated by Partner to the President Dan Scavino.

CIA Chief Gina Haspel played a job in the activity on Saturday, as indicated by a source acquainted with the issue. She would have been observing from CIA central station and in contact with the Circumstance Room, like how then-CIA Chief Leon Panetta was situated during the Osama container Loaded activity.

Acting Chief of National Knowledge Joseph Maguire was not in the Circumstance Room either, however an ODNI representative said Maguire was “completely mindful and occupied with the arranging. For the activity itself, he was away because of a pre-masterminded commitment however viewed with the CENTCOM authority.”

“The previous evening was an incredible night for US and for the world,” the President said. He depicted in some of the time severe terms how al-Baghdadi passed on.

He said the pioneer, “spent his last minutes in absolute dread… alarmed of the American powers weighing down on him.” He depicted Baghdadi as, “crying, whining, shouting, and carrying three children with him. To pass on. Unavoidable passing.”

Key Democrats not educated regarding assault

The President said he educated a couple of individuals regarding Congress of the assault in front of his declaration, including Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who sits on the Remote Relations Board, and Republican Sen. Richard Burr, who seats the Senate Insight Board of trustees. Trump said he didn’t illuminate key Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Pioneer Throw Schumer. Trump said a break of the assault could have cost American lives.

Pelosi’s office affirmed to CNN’s Manu Raju there was no notice given in front of the attack to it.

“This month, the House passed a joint goals on an overwhelmingly bipartisan 354-60 premise which rejects President Trump’s green-lighting of Turkish animosity into Syria against our Kurdish accomplices, and approaches him to exhibit a reasonable technique to overcome ISIS,” Pelosi said in an announcement gave Sunday. “The House must be informed on this attack, which the Russians however not top Congressional Authority were told of ahead of time, and on the Organization’s general procedure in the locale. Our military and partners merit solid, shrewd and key administration from Washington.”

Schumer said at an irrelevant question and answer session in New York City Sunday that he found out about Baghdadi’s demise by observing it on TV.

“I didn’t have a clue. I saw it on television,” Schumer said. When requested his response to the news, Schumer included, “My response? See, it’s incredible that we’ve gotten al-Baghdadi and slaughtered him. He’s a perilous man, a detestable man. The battle against ISIS needs to proceed.”

Trump said it was a “perilous strategic,” flying in and flying out. He said thanks to Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Syrian Kurds for aiding in the mission.

In any case, the Russian military on Sunday scrutinized the official US record of the assault, saying it didn’t know about any US military tasks in the locale.

During the mission, he stated, US administration individuals were met with nearby gunfire, which was disposed of.

Trump likewise said the assault doesn’t affect his choice to pull back troops from Syria.

“We would prefer not to keep officers among Syria and Turkey for the following 100 years. They’ve been battles for many years. We’re out however we are leaving officers to verify the oil. Presently we may need to battle for the oil. That is alright,” Trump said.

The announcement is a move from what Esper said Friday, that the “center strategic” Syria “remains what the crucial Syria started with, it’s constantly been tied in with vanquishing the ISIS alliance.”

O’Brien told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the strike, which prompted Baghdadi’s demise, was named after Kayla Mueller, an American who was executed in 2015 while being held prisoner by ISIS.

‘Decimating blow’ to ISIS

VP Mike Pence told CBS’s “Face the Country” that Baghdadi’s conceivable area was talked about “not long ago.”

On Thursday, Trump and Pence were told there was a high likelihood he was in the compound, Pence said. Trump at that point guided his military commandants to create choices. Choices were introduced at a Friday early daytime meeting. Significant insight enabled the President to settle on the choice to push ahead with the attack on Saturday morning, Pence said.

Esper told CNN’s “Condition of the Association” Sunday morning that the President affirmed the strike “before the end of last week” subsequent to being given various alternatives. The goal, Esper stated, was catching Baghdadi or if essential, executing him.

“He assessed them, posed some incredible inquiries, picked the choice that we thought gave us the most elevated likelihood of progress and affirmation that the head of ISIS would be there and either caught and slaughtered and afterward we executed from that point,” Esper said.

The barrier secretary additionally handed-off that US powers advised Baghdadi to give up during the strike however he cannot, vanishing down into an underground region.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan additionally portrayed Baghdadi’s passing as a significant improvement in the battle against ISIS, saying in a Sunday tweet that it “denotes a defining moment” in the exertion.

“Turkey will keep on supporting enemy of dread endeavors – as it has done previously,” Erdogan said. “I am sure that a conclusive battle against fear mongering, in accordance with the soul of coalition, will carry harmony to all of mankind.”

What’s straightaway

Esper included that “we’re going to observe cautiously following stages. What’s more, as another pioneer and pioneers spring up we’ll follow them too.”

Esper portrayed the passing of the ISIS head as a “staggering blow” to ISIS. “This isn’t only their pioneer, it’s their author. He was an uplifting head from numerous points of view,” Esper told Tapper. Esper likewise ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday that “under 100” troops were on the ground for the assault on Baghdadi however, “these are in every case a lot greater tasks, the tail of which stretches back profound into the insight network.”

White House head of staff Mick Mulvaney was absent in the Circumstance Room while Trump and high ranking representatives checked the attack.

Mulvaney was away because of a family matter, the authority said.

Diane Foley, the mother of the late James Foley, an American columnist who was stole in 2012 by ISIS and later severely killed by the gathering, respected the updates on Baghdadi’s demise, saying Sunday that she’s “thankful” to Best and the US military.

“I trust this will ruin the resurgence of dread gatherings and supplicate that caught ISIS contenders will be brought to preliminary and considered responsible,” Foley, who fills in as the president and originator of the James W. Foley Inheritance Establishment, said in an announcement.

CNN revealed early Sunday morning that Baghdadi was accepted to have been killed in the strike, as indicated by a senior US protection official and a source with learning. The last affirmation was pending while DNA and biometric testing is led, the two sources told CNN. The CIA helped with finding the ISIS chief, the guard authority said.

Baghdadi turned into the pioneer of Islamic Province of Iraq

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